Nat & Gio || Long Distance Love

I met Natalie in Highschool around our junior year. We were more aquaintances than friends and didn't talk often, but I always remember how I always adored her haircuts and her incredibly contagious humor. We shot together once our senior year just for fun and I remember having such a great time with her, especially since she was up for all of my crazy ideas, like attempting to stand on a shovel and jumping much too close to the edge of a cliff (the very cliffs we shot at for this session, actually). We didn't really talk again until we reconnected in the past year through Tumblr after I found her beautifully positive and uplifting blog, which you can find here.

Through her blog, I found out that she and her boyfriend Gio had recently started having a long distance relationship, since Gio was moving to Denver, CO and Natalie was staying here in Santa Barbara, CA. When she told me that Gio would be visiting sometime this June and wanted to hire me to take photos of them as a surprise gift to Gio for their 2nd anniversary, how could I resist? We ended up going to Ellwood and shooting in the forest, fields and cliffs overlooking the ocean at sunset. It was a beautiful evening and I produced some of my favorite images of all time with them.

Their fondness for eachother seems to radiate from every single image, and I can only hope that one day I can find the kind of love that Natalie and Gio share.

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